How a foreigner can set up business in Danang

With strategic location, stability, affordable living with abundance business investment opportunities in Danang promoted the demand of business establishment services. The move often comes after the search queries like, “How to open a company in Danang for foreigner?”, or, “Can a foreigner set up business in Danang?” By choosing to open a company in Danang, the foreigner will definitely gain more flexibility and profits.

We at Sunday Corp understand why Danang is attracting so much investment. We’d like to share with you an article about how a foreigner set up business in Danang.

As a premier provider of business establishment services in Danang for foreigner, we are also offer you a full array of related services that supporting to your company as our purpose: Our business is to improve your business.

Is it easy to set up business for foreigner?

Many of overseas business aspirants wonder that “Is it easy to set up business in Danang for foreigner? The answer is that starting business in Danang for foreigners is quite easy and straightforward. The Danang authorities have made the task of setting up business in Danang simple. As the easiest and the most friendliness in doing business, this proof that Danang is truly on track on its economy transformation and bale to poise a place of investment welcoming foreigners.

How can Foreigners Set Up Businesses in Danang?

We normally recommend one of these three types of companies:

A Foreign Direct Investment (Or FDI Company)

A type of company where the owners are foreign individuals or companies. This type of company is a common choice for foreign business in technology, financial, hospitality and software companies..

Joint Venture Company

A company with at least two owners, individuals or companies, of which one is Vietnamese and one is foreign. This type of company is common for advertising agencies and factories, tour operation, real estate company…

Set up company in Da nang

Representative Office

A company which cannot earn revenue in Vietnam, but works as a local representative in Vietnam for a foreign company. This type of company is common for any foreign business which needs a local point of contact for their business.

In summary, if you are a foreigner looking to start a business in Danang, you are also able to open their business in Danang – be it FDI company, joint venture or representative office. However, the process for registration are largely various among the business lines, with some additional steps making you confused.

How Sunday Corp Could Help Your Business?

Based in Danang for more than 6 years, we experienced on starting a business in Danang for foreigner, we are pleased to support them during your start-up and grow together with them in the future.

As a leading business support service provider, we offer our customers a comprehensive and cost-effective end-to-end one-stop solution services. We also help you save your time doing your business.

Company set up services that are available in Sunday Corp are as follows:

  • FDI company establishment service
  • Joint venture company formation service
  • Representative office formation service

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