Before establishing a company, investors should research relevant information to start their business. What is the investment notice when setting up a business in Vietnam? Today, Sunday Corp will provide 4 main features that foreign investors should know when setting up a business in Vietnam.

investment notice when setting up a business in Vietnam
investment notice when setting up a business in Vietnam


1. Choosing a business type


The first feature that foreign investors should know is choosing a business type. In Viet Nam, several company types allow investors easily to choose what suitable for them. A Limited liability company (LLC) and a Joint-stock company (JSC) are the two most popular types of options.  To know more information about business types in Vietnam, the investors can read in the following link:

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2. Necessary information about company headquarter


Company headquarter is the second investment notice when setting up a business in Vietnam. A corporate headquarters is a place where a company’s executive management and key managerial and support staff are located. A corporate headquarters is considered a business’ most prestigious location and may also lend prestige to its host city and help attract other businesses to the area.

Investors must know what place is allowed to establish a company headquarter since it depends on local development plans. For example, for product fields caused noise or environment pollution, investors’ company address must avoid a crowded residential area.

Enterprises must notify the opening time of the company’s to headquarter to Register of Companies within fifteen days from the date of receiving the business registration certificate.


3. How to select a company name?


A business name is one of the most important features to help customers to remember the company. Besides selecting a business name that differs from peers, the investors should pay attention to the following information

–  The business name must be Vietnamese and have at least two components: business types and a business name

–  The business name which is written in a foreign language is translated from Vietnamese name into corresponding foreign language

The investors can read more information about several essential elements when selecting a company name in the following link

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4. What investors should know about the authorized capital and the license tax?


According to the provisions of Circular No. 42/2003 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance: Enterprises pay license tax based on the authorized capital recorded in the business registration certificate or investment license

–         For the authorized capital over 10 billion Vietnam Dong, the investors will pay an annual license tax about 3 million Vietnam Dong

–         For the authorized capital under 10 billion Vietnam Dong, the investors will pay an annual license tax about 2 million Vietnam Dong 

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