In recent years, Da Nang has become a promised land for foreigners to make a living, not just visiting as in the past. Thus, in parallel, the increase of set up companies in Danang also exposed as an inevitable consequence.

Being one of the five major cities in Vietnam with an ideal geographical location right on the central coast of Vietnam, Da Nang appeared to be a potential opportunity for development in the near future. The following section points out some specific reasons of why to find Da Nang for setting up a new company.

Set up company in Danang 
Set up company in Danang

Benefits of setting up a company in Danang.

-In general, Vietnam has a great advantage is that socio-political stability. Vietnam ranked 69th in the country with favorable investment in 2019 for foreign investors, with no protesting or terrorism recorded. Danang with the role of domestic transit and international transportation in the central region and highlands. has appeared as a comprehensive, sustainable land for developing.

-Saigon has always been well-known as the strategic economic center of Vietnam. However, after developing rapidly for the past few years, it reaches its saturation with the overload of the new setup company. Under that circumstance, Danang stepped up as an alternate which took advantage of its emerging marketing. As well as day-by-day increasing infrastructure and high-rise buildings.

-Along with Vietnam’s economic growth, Danang is on the first page of the integration process. That leads to many opportunities for foreigners to open a startup.

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Benefits of setting up a company in Danang.

-Another main factor that attracts foreigners doing business in Da Nang is the young and competitive human resources. With approximately 60,000 fresh graduates per year, equivalent to 60,000 of dynamic and hard-working workers. It can be said that Danang has an extremely promising labor supply market. Besides the fresh graduate, the labor-forces here is also recognized as the cornucopia and low-cost than some other cities in Vietnam.

-Last but not least, as mentioned earlier, different from Saigon where has reached its limited line. Danang has just started to develop only in recent years. This means the level of competition is free from intense and remains vacant in some niche markets. With the growth in the economy and urbanization, the spiritual and material life of people living is increasing. They now have money and start to try and buy new things, unlike the conservation in the old days. The stability is still questionable, yet it can be denied that Danang has become an emerging market. An easy bait that any investor would want to get a piece.

Set up company in Danang 

Set up company in Danang

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